Obtain a zero interest rate home loan in 2013

It is not necessary to have a personal contribution to benefit from a loan with zero rate. On the other hand, the conditions linked to the use of the PTZ Plus may oblige the borrower to pay certain expenses as notary fees by his own money. All clarifications with our financing experts. Reminder on the […]


Reason for refusal of real estate loan

The reason for a loan refusal is generally the subject of oral explanations, the counselor confining himself most of the time to repeating the reasons announced by the risk analysis service. Even if you can not force the bank to provide explanations in writing, it is essential to know in detail what motivated the refusal […]

Payday Loan Help

Combining loans and debt

If you want to make good use of credit, you not only have to choose the right type of loan, but also have to check alternatives. Millions of citizens, for example, use their current account credit – at least once a year. However, this credit facility is only for a period of two to three months. However, if […]


To make a home loan during a divorce proceedings in progress

The bank’s risk analysis focuses on financial elements. Nevertheless, the marital status must not be a source of disturbance and worry the banker. This is why it is sometimes impossible to make a mortgage as long as the divorce proceedings remain in progress. The explanations with our experts. Everything will depend on your personal situation […]