Why People Have Low Blood Pressure


Blood pressure of less than 90/60 is considered low. There are many reasons that can make you have low blood pressure including inheritance, work, stress and your surrounding temperatures amongst many others. For constant results, however, you should take you blood pressure under same circumstances every time so as to provide consistency. Best Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews will help you choose the best machine. Some of the causes of low blood pressure are discussed below.

1. Time

Your blood pressure is lowest at night when you sleep. It starts rising when you are nearly up, and the trend continues. It reaches its pick in the afternoon. This is where highest blood pressure can be taken with regards to time of the day.

2. Stress levels

Low Blood PressureDepending on your stress levels, your blood pressure rises with your level stresses. The more you are relaxed, the lower your blood levels.

3. Exercise and fitness levels

On one go, exercising will raise your blood pressure levels, but if you are consistent, the more you train and become fitter, the more your blood pressure levels reduces.

6. Food eaten and temperature

When your surrounding temperature is high, it may cause your blood pressure to fall. If you have taken your meals, your blood pressure level will reduce as more blood is diverted to the gut for the process of digestion.

7. Genes

When you have taken to account all the above-discussed causes of hypotension but still have a considered low blood pressure, the causes may be within you. Like for instance genes; from research, it has been proven that low blood pressure can be inherited.

8. Age

The younger you are, the lower your blood pressure levels. Other causes that can cause hypotension include the medication you take and your heart condition. Diseases like a heart attack can cause your blood pressure levels to be lower.


Low blood pressure levels also known as hypotension can be caused by a variety of reasons including your age, genes, your surrounding temperatures, stress levels and your fitness levels amongst many others. When your blood pressure drops to a considered low levels constantly, you should seek medical advice as this can be life-threatening.