Funny Home Improvement Stories

Sometimes, the best way to get better at your own home improvement projects is to get inspired by other people’s experiences. Who said those experiences had to be dull? A bunch of people contributed their stories about their own home improvement projects because they wanted to share the ups and downs of the process with the entire world. Now, you can read all about it for yourself. Some of these stories will be inspiring and exciting, and others are just going to be humorous cautionary tales. Either way, we’re happy to share them with you, and so were the original contributors.

You should be able to read about all sorts of home improvement projects here. Some people were just adding a guest bathroom to their homes, which already creates plenty of opportunities for trouble and for humor. Other people were basically creating a new house from scraps. You’ll even find some stories about people that were literally building new houses from the foundation on upwards, which is even harder than it sounds. People remodel houses from all walks of life. It’s one of the many things that seems to unite us as a culture. Making hilarious mistakes also seems to unite us as a culture, and you’ll find plenty of references to these on this website.

You’ll get to see people with all sorts of different writing styles here. We proofread everything and make sure that it’s all readable, but otherwise, we don’t substantially alter the content. What you’re reading here is real, and it genuinely reflects the experiences of people that got a bit too ambitious with their home improvement projects or who just weren’t ambitious enough. They can laugh at themselves, and they don’t mind other people doing the same thing.

We won’t spoil the mood by including stories that ended in tragedy, and we specifically asked that people didn’t send any. The stories that you get here are the fun ones, not the tales of regret. Most of the stories are text-based, but some people have also included images. Other people have sent along videos, which is easy in a world in which everyone has a video camera in their phones at all times. You’ll read about some silly mistakes in some cases, and you’ll get to seem them right in front of your eyes in other cases.

All of us, including the original owners, also want you to become a little inspired by all of these stories. Maybe you’ll feel less nervous about starting your own home improvement projects after some people take the mysteries out of them for you. Maybe you’ll feel less intimidated, since you’ll know that even some of the most talented and well-meaning people still ended up making some funny mistakes along the way. Maybe you’ll want to contribute some of your own stories here one day, or maybe these stories will help you avoid making similar mistakes of your own. One way or another, we’re all here to have fun and bond over home improvement.