It is not necessary to have a personal contribution to benefit from a loan with zero rate. On the other hand, the conditions linked to the use of the PTZ Plus may oblige the borrower to pay certain expenses as notary fees by his own money. All clarifications with our financing experts.

Reminder on the conditions for granting

Reminder on the conditions for granting

The conditions for obtaining the zero-rate loan affect both the borrower’s situation and housing.

Conditions related to the borrower

The zero-rate loan is reserved for first-time buyers (1) who buy their principal residence in new homes and who respect a certain income ceiling.

(1): definition given by the public authorities: not having owned his principal residence in the two years preceding the application.

Housing conditions acquired

Housing loan

Since 2012, the PTZ Plus has been refocused on new homes only (construction of a detached house or purchase of an off-plan apartment). It must also meet energy standards and habitability (living space, sanitation …).

Energy standards

Most developers and builders have incorporated this constraint. There are almost no apartments on the market that meet energy standards. The two accepted labels are:

  1. BBC 2005
  2. Standard RT 2012 (Thermal Regulation). It has become the benchmark in terms of energy consumption.

Plus Terms of Use

Despite the fact that a zero interest loan can be obtained without having a personal contribution , it is often necessary to have available capital since the PTZ can not be used to finance notary fees . The aid must therefore be used solely for financing the acquisition. Two scenarios can arise:

  1. The bank offers financing at 110%. The notary fees will be paid in part by the main loan, the PTZ being allocated to housing.
  2. The bank does not finance the ancillary costs. However, you can consider taking out a consumer loan if your debt permits it or ask for a home help. If you meet a refusal, you can turn to a specialized institution that will be more flexible in the analysis of your file. Feel free to fill out an application to compare offers from more than 100 online banks.

All About the Zero Rate Loan: The Complete File

To consult in the FAQ

To consult in the FAQ


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